Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Water slide fun!

Nana, Pop, me and Adam gave them this water slide for her birthday. I knew they would get lots of use out of it and they love it. Adam and I also gave her this corvette and she LOVES it! It's the neatest thing. You have to have the key in it and it has to be cranked before it will go, a real radio with some actual good stations, lights at night, lights that blink like blinkers, 2 speeds and reverse. Brady never even had anything this neat. WE didn't even know it did all this when we got it for her but we love it and so do they. We will have lots of fun and lots of playdates with the water slide this summer I'm sure:)


Bre said...

FUN...Carter is ready to come over :)

LuĂ­sa said...

aaawn such a cute couple of kids!