Friday, August 27, 2010

Our New Puppy!

Yes we got a new puppy. My good friend Tiffany called me the other day and she already had a dog from these parents and said they had just had their last liter and she got one and did I want the other one. And when I saw it, it was so cute and her other dog is the best dog from these parents. So the kids saw it and got all excited and I did it. The kids love him and Brady named him Spark. It has been interesting and fun, but overall no trouble at so far. Will see if it last:)

Our First Karate Test!

Brady had his first karate class last saturday and we got our new belt last night. I was very proud of him cause he did everything and knew all his questions perfect! He was very excited:)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bailey's Beauty Pageant!

yesterday Bailey was in the beauty pageant. She did sooo good and looked beautiful. She got prettiest smile and 1st alternate. She has only been in 3 pageants her whole life and won 2 and then got 1st yesterday. I'd say she is a natural:) I must say this is definitely her thing!!! Congrats Bailey and we love you!!!

Larry King!

These are the other pics from Vegas where we met Larry King. I am very star struck so I thought this was very neat:)

Random pics!

This is a little bit of everything. Brady takes karate with his friend Asher so this is some of them at karate and they just passed their first test and get to move up to a new class with a new belt. He loves it! He has always been into power rangers and all so he loves to do all of this stuff:) When I was in Vegas they had to go up in front of the church (their sunday school) and give their tithe. I hated I missed it but my parents videoed it and Stacy took pics for me.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jordyn's 1st day of Preschool!

Jordyn started in the 2 year old class this year and she loves it. She was mad the first day cause she didn't get to go with Brady and she is mad she can't do car line like him:) She went right in and loved it. He got to go to chapel with her and they love being in the same school together. She knows almost everyone in her class and so she will have a great year!!!

Brady's 1st day of 4k

Yesterday Brady started 4k and he goes everday this year. I can't believe it and I miss him terribly. It is definitely gonna wear him out going that much but it will prepare him for big school next year, which I can't even think about. He says he loves it though and all of his friends got in his class so that makes it better!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 year reunion!

Last night we had my 10 year reunion at The Wine Loft. WE had such a great time and it was so good hanging out with old friends.

Meet the teacher!

On Friday we had meet the teacher. Brady got Ms. Joan and Jordyn has Ms. Carla and they both love them. I can't believe its time for them to start and that my baby boy will go everyday for the rest of his life. So sad:( He starts Monday and she starts Tuesday and she will only go on Tuesday and Thursday!


We had a blast in Vegas! We stayed at MGM and it was very nice and went to 3 shows which were great and ate at the best restaurants. I was definitely ready to see my kiddos but they had a blast with meme and papa! We also had our picture made with Larry King but it isn't on my camera so I will post later:)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today we went bowling. We were supposed to Bre and the kids but Carter got sick so we had to reschedule! I still took them and it was their first time and they had a great time. Tomorrow Adam and I leave for Vegas with friends. I hate leaving my babies but I know me and Adam need this time away. They are super excited about going to Meme and Papas for this long though so it doesn't bother them just me:) I am glad they love them though cause that does make it easier on me to leave them. I will post lots of pics when we return on Monday!