Monday, March 30, 2009


Well we went this morning and of course it was problem after problem. First of all we had to be there at 7. At 7:30 they call us up and say his paperwork never was sent over and they don't open till 8. Well we called the afterhours and started trying to get the doctor paged because of course he had not eaten or drank anything since 8 the night before. Well after all that got settled we didn't get called back till 9:40. The dumb doctor we had walked in and told Brady that he didn't have any needles and he was going to have drink this stuff that taste awful. Well I just looked at him like why are you telling a 3 year old this. We had already told him it would be fine and we put chocolate syrup and that it would taste like his chocolate milk and why would he say anything about needles. Anyways Brady did wonderful still thank God. After it was over we said well does he have reflux and he said I wasn't really testing for that I was looking for blockages. Well we didn't think he had any blockages and this was a reflux test cause it is the same one Jordyn had and we found out she had stage 4 reflux. So anyways Adam was irate and called our doctor and asked to speak to him specifically and he wasn't happy about it either. So he is waiting on the results and going to call us back and go from there. Tonight though we were sitting here and he said he felt sick and threw up everywhere. We are just very frustrated at this point.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Prayer For Brady!

On Monday morning at 7 a.m. we are going to have a reflux test done on Brady. He doesn't eat well at all and sometimes throws up for no reason. I am concerned about it. Today he has been fine all day and then we went and met my family for lunch walked in and right when we got up to the table he spit up. I am just worried about him. It is a very uneasy feeling when you know something is not right. I hope it is positive actually because if not something worse could be going on. Please just keep him in your prayers. Thanks!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break Fun!

Well we had a full week of fun. These pics are just us hanging out at the house. Jordyn loves to ride the hummer with Brady and yes they wanted me to drive them so I did. One of the pics is Brady and his batman cave. We went and he wanted a toy and that was what he has been wanting so we got him that. He is very into Batman right now. We had a great week.


We took them to the carnival one night and they absolutely loved it. There was so many rides for the young ones, and they loved them all. The funnel cake I especially enjoyed. Jordyn stayed home with Meme and Papa so we could spend time with Brady.

Pump it up!

We took the kids to free play at pump it up this week and lots of fun. Jordyn stayed with meme to eat lunch and then she came at the very end. So me and Brady had a lot of fun.

The Park

We took the kids to the park one afternoon this week. Not to many photos but we had fun!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Georgia Trip

We went to Georgia and stayed at the Callaway Gardens with the Freemans this past weekend. We went to the Wild Animal Safari and it was the coolest thing ever and the kids had a blast. There are animals everywhere and they just stick their heads in your van that you rent until you feed them. Some are in cages like the tigers but most of everything is just roaming around your car. If your child likes animals I highly recommend you going. They will love it. That afternoon the guys went and played golf and we went out to eat that night. The next morning me and Stacy went to the spa and got a massage and then we headed home. It was so much fun!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bath Buddies!

Well they got to take their first bath together and they loved it. She has been wanting to get in with him for awhile but I never let her. So Adam last Saturday always gives her a bath on Saturdays and Sundays and he put them in their together. They had a blast. I thought the pics turned out cute.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm so sad!

Well Brady is in a booster seat now and she is in a big girl seat. Yes she is facing foward and only 10 months but she does weigh 20 pounds. I know some of you may think I'm bad but Brady turned around a little early. They love being able to see each other and she loves watching TV with him now in the car. I am so sad though. When Adam took the base out for the infant carseat he said "are we done with this forever?" I said I don't know. He said that is sort of sad and I said yeah it is. So we don't know if we are done yet or not. We go back and forth. I wouldn't mind having another but I do have a healthy boy and girl. Anyways they are getting big and I do love being able to see both of them now.

I left them by themselves!

Ok I went to put something in the kitchen and came back to this. They were both in the shower. He said sissy wanted to play in the shower and oh she did so he opened the door and she crawled in. When I found her she was just chilling splashing the little water on the floor from where I had took a shower. She is a mess in a half and when she starts walking and they start putting their heads together I am in trouble.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jordyn 9 month pics

This is Jordyn's 9 month pics. Kim took them and did a great job as always. I can't believe the next picture she gets is her 1 year. My how time flies.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

SNOW 2009

Well we had a fun today. This morning Deana and her family came to play. Then we tried to get Jordyn out about lunchtime and she was tired so we took a picture and put her down for a nap. She didn't really need to be out there so I guess I am glad she didn't love it. Then we cooked chili and the Freemans came over and ate and let the kids play and they had a blast. These pics are pics of my house. I thought it looked really pretty covered up in snow and didn't know when I would see it like this again.