Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Meme and Papas!

Christmas afternoon we went to Mom and Dads for dinner and presents. They got so much stuff there its not even funny. Brady got this cute Alabama football player that lights up, Ipod touch(which is his favorite gift of all), clothes, Husky dog, and so many toys. Jordyn got a double stroller, Lee Middleton doll, clothes, big Barbie house, and so many toys. We had such a great Christmas and I can't believe its over. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

I actually had to wake them up on Christmas morning because my whole family was there waiting and we were all so excited to see their faces. Adam on the other hand was sleeping with them and he wanted me to leave them asleep:) But it didn't take them long to get woke up and so excited about all their stuff. They loved everything! It was a great Christmas and we are so very blessed!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa came to the Trammells!

WEll my kids must have been very good this year! They racked up. This is after Santa left. I will post in a little while when they woke up and Meme and Papas.

Christmas Eve at Nanny and Pa's!

After Deanas we end up at Nanny and Pas for dinner and presents. Brady got tons of clothes, an army man, and a whole wrestling ring with wrestlers. Jordyn got clothes, purse, makeup(which she loves), and a pink and white phone that is precious and it really works!!! Me and Adam got clothes and shoes!

Christmas Eve at Deanas!

At Deanas Brady got a scooter, art stuff, shaving kit(so cute), camping backpack with all kinds of stuff in it, and a gun with balls that shoots into a big thing with holes on the back of the door! Jordyn got the baby alive doctor one, diapers, cleaning set, and a whole vet kit with strollers for the animals too. They had a great Christmas there and me and Adam did too!

Christmas Eve at our house!

Christmas Eve we start out with lunch and presents at our house. Next up Deanas house!

Christmas with Nana and Pop!

On the 23rd we had Christmas with Nana and Pop. They came to our house for dinner and then we did presents. The kids both got new bikes and helmets, Brady also got a remote control power ranger, airplane aircraft thing, jokers house and car, and play dough set. She got a baby doll crib/bath set, ariel doll, playdogh set, and cleaning trolley. They loved everything!

Christmas with the Freemans!

We had Christmas with them on the 22nd. They had a great time and loved their gifts. Jordyn got a bench, a baby doll with potty and sink, and tutu for dance that is precious. Brady got a dartbard which he LOVES, spongebob blanket, and spiderman shirt. I got a precious purse, bracelet, and monogrammed soap holders. WE had a great time!

Christmas with Brooke and Kaylee!

Kids Christmas parties at school and Program!

Im so behind on pics so I just combined these but this is their parties and program at school. He had a polar express pj party and loved it. I was in charge of her party and we had cookie cake, chicken nuggets, and made ornaments. The program was very cute and her first and she did wonderful!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Polar Express!

Me and Deana took the kids to the Polar Express on Saturday night. They had a great time and it was the first time I had been and it was really cute. Mom and Dad usually take them every year but they had something this year and couldn't. We had a great time!