Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Water slide with Ty and Nolan!

My 29th Bday!

I had a wonderful birthday. The night before my good friends took me to pf changs and to see Bridesmaids which was hilarious. WE had a blast. Then my family took me to eat at Red Lobster and back to my house for cake and presents. Then Stacy also took me out to eat one day and shopping to let me pick out shoes I wanted and then we went and found baby Camdyns crib and bedding. We had such a good time just shopping and hanging out. Some of my college friends also took me took to dinner so it lasted a good week! It was great!

Swimming with Freemans!

Playdate with Drake and Leah~

Memorial Day at the Lake!

We spent Memorial Day at the lake with a ton of friends. It was so much fun! The kids had a blast!

My Tay graduated!

WEll she graduated from high school and I could not be more proud of her. Yes she got a new car and will be going to Alabama in the fall. I can't think about her leaving cause I get so sad and so do my kids. WE love her so much and are so used to her being right around the corner! She will love it though I know!!

Dance recital!

She looked so cute in the recital and loved it. She is already talking about taking next year. It was so funny to watch this age:)

Jordyn's 3rd Birthday!

This is only 2 pics from her birthday but it wouldn't let me download anymore than this for some reason. She turned 3 May 13th and we had her party at the park and we had someone come paint faces and blow up balloons. The kids loved it. Yes and she got a playhouse for her bday. She LOVES it!