Saturday, December 1, 2007

Santa and Brady

We took Brady today to see Santa and he absolutely loved him. Meme and Papa went with us. Sorry I haven't been posting any pics but we are living with my sister right now and should be in our house next saturday (hopefully) and I will try to get back to normal. Things have been very crazy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

We will miss you Pappaw

Well my granddad passed away tonight. Please pray for my family. It's a lot to take in all at once. Thanks guys!

Friday, November 9, 2007

We will miss you Mammaw!

My grandmother passed away on Thursday at 4:15. It has been a very rough week. She had a massive stroke on Tuesday and so she couldn't swallow anything so they took her off all of her meds and just gave her an IV with morphine so she wouldn't be in pain. She went to sleep on Wednesay and never woke up. My granddad is in the other room and he is in a hospital bed and they have also taken him off all of his meds and we have called in hospice on him. He is laying there asking why she isn't coming to see him and we have to just tell him that she is in the other bedroom laying in bed not feeling well. We can't tell him she died because he can't come to the funeral and it would make his condition worse. So please keep my family in your prayers.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Big Boy!

This is Brady trying to act like a big boy carrying his backpack. He was going to meme's and he wanted to carry it. It's kind of sad cause it looks like he is off to school, which will be here before I know it. I thought it was a precious picture though.

Silly Face!

Bath Time!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Brady and Mary Cates went trick or treating together again this year. They actually were real into it and absolutely loved it. They have the best time together. They were so cute and got tons of candy.

This was Brady at the very end of Fall Festival. If you can tell he was just worn out!

Fall Festival 2007

This is Brady in the jumpy things. He absolutely loved it. Of course he was the smallest in there but he didn't care at all. Isn't he just precious!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bad Week!

Well this has been an awful week for me and my family. Started off on Monday night around 1:00 a.m. I started throwing up and couldn't stop. I didn't stop for about 36 hours and the doctor had told me if I keep it up then he will see me in the ER for some IV's. Of course I didn't want to go do that so I just stopped eating food and starting sipping on some sprite and water. I finally kept some of that down and I got a major sore throat and bad conjestion. Well the doctor told me I could take tylenol cold and I was still throwing up some so he called me in this very strong nausea medicine zofran, and that still didn't help. Of course the tylenol didn't do anything either so I called back and he finally called me in a z-pack. I do feel a little better but still getting sick some which I know is just pregnancy, but I don't feel like I am giving the baby hardly anything. I was very sick for 9 months with Brady though and I was hoping to have a little different pregnancy this time but thats ok.
Well in the midst of all this my Pa gets put in the hospital on Tuesday. He was at dialysis and started throwing up and couldn't stop and his blood pressure was going up and down. So they admitted him and we found out he has had some stokes and his back is in really bad shape but he can't have the extensive surgery he needs because of his age and health, so this morning they are giving him spinal block, and he is also losing a lot of blood and so they are giving him blood. Anyways he is getting to come home today though. Thats a praise.
My other granddad we have had to call in hospice on him and so thats never good and my grandmom is pretty much losing her mind. They have had sitters around the clock for about 2-3 years now but it is very sad how all this is happening at the same time. My parents are both only children and they are just beat basically. My mom is my only help so you can imagine her this week trying to help me and running back and forth to the hospital. Anyways sorry this is so long but please pray for my family right now. We do need it and I know ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Serious Look!

Tazmanian Devil

My sister and her family went to gatlinburg and brought Brady back this shirt. My sis and niece Tay said he is like the Tazmanian Devil he is so wild so that is who is on his shirt. Very cute. Thanks to Aunt D.

I love my boys!

We were changing the sheets the other night and Brady loves to run and get in them. So Adam just wrapped him up in them and he thought it was so funny.

My boys

Daddy loves to play his xbox 360 at night and now Brady thinks he can do it too. So he and Adam both play. Adam even bought him a remote that looks like his so he will think he is big stuff!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Smile!

This is Brady doing his big smile except now he squints his eyes when he does it. Who knows?

Brady posing finally getting to wear one of his halloween shirts. It was probably still to hot for it but we have to at least wear it once. He is such a ham for the camera!

Brady with his new Elmo Chair!

This is Brady watching Elmo in his new chair. He loves Elmo!

Adam took Brady with some of his friends to the gun show and he called and said he was excellent so they were going to stop and buy him a present. Well this is what he came home with. He is so spoiled!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy giving big hugs after getting his present!

Brady had to dig in before Adam got there so we took his picture with the cake for daddy!

Daddy's birthday cake!

Big Smile!

House Update!

Well we have finally sold our house. We are supposed to close on this one on November 20th and then close on our new one November 28th. So for that week we are going to stay at my sisters house, which Brady will love because of the kids but I'm afraid he won't want to leave. I am getting excited it just seems like the house is going so slow now that its at the end. I will put pics up of it soon. Hopefully we will be somewhat settled for Brady to have a good Christmas there. Everyone just pray that everything goes the way its supposed to and smoothly.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

MeMe with the grandkids at the Pumpkin Patch!

This is MeMe with all the grandkids. She is the best grandmother in the world, and they all love her dearly. Brady had a great time and so Adam and I are going to take him back. He was mad when he had to leave.

He absolutely loved the pony ride mom said. She had to pay twice because he wouldn't get off the first time.
This is Brady picking out his pumpkin. Isn't that so cute!

MeMe took all the grandkids to the pumpkin patch and of course Hunter. So Hunter had to take Brady down the slide, and of course he loved it.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Tay's Homecoming Night!

Well of course Brady had to have a picture with them. These two he loves more than anything. They are so sweet to him and he is right up under them all the time. What a cute pic!
This is both of my nieces. The little one is Bailey and she is 7 and then Taylor who is 15. I love them both dearly. Taylor just got her permit and she drives good but she is just growing up way to fast.
This is my beautiful niece Taylor and her boyfriend Hunter. It was there homecoming night. She looked gorgeous. She has been dating him for over a year and he is like part of the family. We love him dearly and Brady thinks the world of him.

Day at the Zoo!

All four of us after a long day. We were all exhausted.
Brady petting the goat. He liked it but I don't think he was very sure about it!
My friend Stacy and I took our kids to the zoo. They had a blast. Mary Cates and Brady are 5 months apart and they are very close friends. We are both pregnant again and these two are also going to be 5 months apart. It's crazy how that worked out. Aren't they just the most precious babies ever?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Going to start trying to potty train!

This was him on the potty. Of course he didn't do anything but they say to let them play around with it at first and get used to it. He does tell us he wants to tee tee in the potty though so we at least have to let him try when he says that. It should be very interesting!

We are about to start trying to potty train. It might take awhile at this age but I am at least going to give it a shot since another one is on the way. This was him walking around necked being silly before we put him on his potty.

Brady being silly!

This is him folding his arms like we do. Sometimes when hes mad he will turn his head from you and stand there with his arms folded. It's the cutest thing ever. He is such a mess.

This is Brady sitting on the counter in the kitchen helping mommy and daddy. Anytime we are in there cooking he wants to be up on the counters.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More of Brady's 18 month pics!

Brady's 18 months Pics!

Here is Brady at his 18 month pics. He did great. He is getting so big.
climbing out of his Thomas ball pit. He loves thomas!