Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dance costumes!

We went last night for observation night and had to try on our costumes. They all loved their outfits. The orange and blue jean one is a construction theme so they will have a hard hat and tool belt also with that. We have pictures in a couple of weeks and I have heard its very stressful:) They all looked precious though and did their dances so cute!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

His real birthday!

On his actual birthday I was still in the hospital with Jordyn so mom took cupcakes to school for him. That afternoon we got to come home but we were exhausted cause of course you get zero sleep there. So mom and dad took him to treetop and they had a blast. I am so thankful for my wonderful parents who I don't know what I would have done without them during all this.

Pump it up Party!

Well his party still happened even though she was in the hospital. I made it just a little late and thanks to Adam, Stacy, and Deana and nanny everything was perfect. I don't know what I would do without them. It was a long crazy day but he had a fantastic party with all of his friends. I still can't believe he is 5. It makes me so sad!


After Bradys party she has some visitors which she was so glad to see. Thanks to everyone who called, or came to visit, and sent gifts. She loved everything!!

Hospital stay!

On Sunday night about 4 a.m. Jordyn started gasping for air. Her asthma had been acting up but it got out of control and they told me to bring her in immediately. So it was supposed to be Bradys party day so Adam stayed with him and me and mom took her to Childrens. Well they admitted her. Mom stayed with her so I could at least go to his party and then I came back and we had to spend the night. It was no fun and very scary. We got to come home Monday afternoon. She is better but still wheezing a lot. We go back to doctor on Monday so please continue to pray for her.

Brady's Family Party!

On saturday night we had Bradys family party. We went to konomis (his favorite place) and then back to my house for cookie cake and presents.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bailey's talent show!

Tonight Bailey was in the talent show with Olivia and they danced. They got 3rd and did great. I was very proud of her!!!

Brady's Valentines Party!

He had his party today! They got lunch and cookie cake, and did crafts and got a tattoo, and then swapped valentines. Very fun party!