Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Championship Game!

Well we were in the Championship last night and we lost to the Yankees, which is our friends Rob and Christy's little boys team and they deserved it. They were a great little team. Our team came such a long way this year though. I am so proud of them, but honestly they were done last night. They are ready for a break and wanted to be out playing and not really playing ball last night. 2nd place is outstanding for their first year to me though. I loved our little team we had a great and sweet group of kids. Adam enjoyed coaching and did a great job with the kids. Those kids loved him!!! Brady had a good year. He of course frustrated me alot cause he is a great little ball player at home and then we get out there and he hits good but will not run hard on the bases and it drives me nuts. He is not crazy about the outfield period but Adam tells me all the time he is still young. He did make some new friends and he had fun and thats all that matters!


Meg said...

So cute in his lil uniform:)

Christy said...

It was fun! Brady is so cute and fun to watch. He always has a smile on his face and is such a sweetheart!