Monday, May 17, 2010

Their new room!

So the kids have been asking for awhile would I turn the bedroom downstairs into a room they can sleep in. So it was hers and now her room has moved upstairs with his and this is like a joint room. They wanted bunk beds so we decided to get them cause one day they will be great I think when friends come to stay. It looks more boyish I know but I couldn't make it very girly with him in there and they still have their own bedrooms upstairs. They have brought some toys down too so it has been good. We slept in their one night and I slept with them and we will definitely have to get used to the bunk beds. He says he eventually wants to sleep by hisself in there with his sister but I don't think she will leave me anytime soon. I don't know that he will go by hisself for awhile we will see. Honestly I don't want them to. I am so used to having them there that is just how I like it:)

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Deidra Brown said...

I know what you mean. I havae both the kids rooms upstairs now and we have extra bedroom downstairs which is used for thier playroom. Never thought about purchasing a bed to go in their for both the share. Love the black furniture. I have always been a fan of black furniture pieces.