Thursday, December 31, 2009

Playing with all their toys!

This is them just hanging out playing with all their stuff. They absolutely love everything they got. This is also her one night when she got in my jewelry cabinet and put all this stuff on:) HIlarious. She is always making us laugh.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas at Meme and Papas!

After santa comes we go to Meme and Papa's for breakfast and get their christmas presents which is a ton! They loved each and everything they got though. WE then go back home and let the kids play and start putting stuff up and then go back that afternoon for some yummy dinner. We had a wonderful christmas. It went by so fast this year though. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This was them when they got up. Everyone came to see them get their Santa and they loved everything. I have more pics to post from meme and papas and I will try to do it later today!

Santa came to the Trammells!

The kiddos must have been really good this year cause oh my Santa brought them everything! They were so much fun this year and were both so excited. Now I have to find a place to put all of this:)

Christmas Eve at Nanny and Pa's!

After my sisters we go back home until about 5:30 and we go to my nanny and Pas to eat dinner and get their presents. It was a great day. They got tons of clothes from them and of course a transformer man and baby doll their favorites! The other pics are them putting cookies out for Santa and throwing their reindeer food out:)

Christmas Eve at Deanas!

After we are done at my house we go to my sisters. She bought us all way to much but the kids loved everything they got! She got two baby dolls, laptop, clothes, and a purse. He got remote control cars, power dumptrucks, a big drum set, and this big truck hauler that is remote control also.

Christmas Eve at our house!

Christmas Eve was interesting this year. We woke up and took B to the doctor cause he was up all night the night before screaming with his ears. So off to the doctor we went and he had a double ear infection. Once we got the drops in him and some antibiotics he felt better but not great and was still exhausted from no sleep. WE do lunch at my house that day though and then I give everyone their presents from us!

Christmas with Nana and Pop!

On the 23rd we celebrated Christmas with Nana and Pop. We had a great time playing with all the kiddos! They got these huge bean bags that they love, she got an incrediblock, and he got a batmobile, and power tools for the yard!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas with the Freemans!

Today after church we celebrated Christmas with the Freemans. WE had a lot of fun as always. The kids got just what they wanted and Mary Cates stayed at our house all day and they played. It was a great weekend! New post below!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

We made cupcakes that night and sang happy birthday to Jesus. We had a very full but fun family day!