Thursday, May 20, 2010

End of year party!

Yesterday we had Brady's end of year party at school. He had such an awesome year. If all teachers were like Ms. Ann we would be in good shape:) I hated leaving her so bad, and so did Brady. He will miss her I know. He will miss seeing all of his friends too. They were already talking about the other day if they would be in each others classroom next year which they do everything together, but when they go to big school they aren't going to like being split up:( Neither will I cause this is a great group of kids that go there! I will hopefully have her party pics up tomorrow. Speaking of J when he goes back to 4k in August she starts two days a week:( I can't believe how big they are getting, but she will love it there I think. I know Kinleigh(Mary Cates sister) will be in her class and my good friend Brooke's little boy Joseph will be in there and another one of Brady's friends brothers Nolan so we already know lots of the kids which is good.

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