Saturday, May 17, 2008

I love my little girl!

Well we are at home now and settling in. Life is quiet different. Brady is doing ok, but we definitely have an adjustment period to go through. That has been hard on me because I feel like he is a different child and it is my fault. But he is having a better day today and I know before long it will just be routine again. She is so sweet though. Her first night last night she slept from 12-7. Yeah I know if she would only keep that up. who knows she might. She has been an angel and is so beautiful. Please keep us in your prayers though through this adjustment period. I am hurting a good bit more this time with the c-section. I guess cause I can't just lay around like last time.

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congrats! she is adorable! i hope you are feeling better and getting some rest! brady looks so sweet laying with her!