Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Well this was a very interesting Mothers Day. On Saturday I woke up hurting very badly. So Bailey's dance recital was that night and I was determined to make it. So I went and right after I went straight to the hospital and my contractions were like every 2 minutes. So when I got there they told me I would be there awhile because I was extremely dehydrated and had a UTI. They gave me 3 bags of fluid and 2 bags of anitibiotics through my IV. The next morning my contractions had slowed down tremendously so they let me go home. I went to eat with my family and then came home and slept all day long. My contractions are still there just not that close together yet. I go to the doctor on Monday though so will see. Brady and Adam made my day very special and he took care of him all weekend because I wasn't able. He gave me lots of goodies I love. I am so blessed to have them both.

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Dal and Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your trip to the hospital but I'm glad you are OK. So maybe miss Jordyn will be making her debut before the 20th?!? I'll be thinking about you!!! Keep us posted!