Saturday, December 13, 2008

Poor Brady

Well I took Brady to the doctor on Friday and he is very sick. He has the RSV virus. They gave him a breathing treatment and tested him for pneumonia but we ended up having the other. He sounds awful and there is no medicine he can take really. He is taking albuterol for the wheezing but the coughing just sort of has to go away. He is very contagious so they said it would be a miracle if Jordyn don't get it. So he has had to stay in the house all weekend which hasn't been fun. Hopefully he will be well soon and Jordyn won't get it.


Bre said...

Bless his little heart! Hope he is better soon and I pray Jordyn does not get it!!

The Simonetti's said...

Poor little thing I hope he feels better soon

Dal and Kim said...

Oh no...poor thing. Hopefully he's getting lots of rest. Pray he is better real soon :)