Thursday, December 4, 2008

New York

Well we survived our trip. WE had lots of fun but were very much ready to see the kids. It is such a neat place. WE didn't have a lot of time so we just mainly shopped for everyone so we didn't get to see that many sights. I have been there before though but Adam never has so we definitely will be going back, and maybe then we can see more. It was a great trip though and that tree is beautiful. It's so big it's unbelievable. I got Brady's and Jordyn's christmas pics back from Kim and they were wonderful except of the ones of them together. Brady was being a pistol that day so the ones of them by themselves is great but the one that is going to go on the christmas card isn't the best but whatever. I will post soon.


Bre said...

Glad you guys had fun. That's my favorite place! I know what you mean about Christmas pics, that's why mine has 2 seperate pics and they are individual. I could NOT get them both to cooperate.

Dal and Kim said...

It's so pretty! So you guys went to Grease on Broadway!?! Brings back memories of our trip we took back in the 7th grade...didn't we have so much fun!! I am so glad you had fun.


we love new york and cant wait to take the boys one day! glad you guys enjoyed your trip and made it home safely. i know it is hard leaving those babies.

love the new pics of the kids!