Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update on Brady!

Ok we got Brady's test results back yesterday and they were normal. Thank you so much for your prayers. We are supposed to go back beginning of march and will see how he is doing then. Mayve he will be better if not I am assuming they will have to run some more test.



so glad to hear everything was okay. i hope they figure it out, it is very frustrating. we went back for austins check up and he had not gained any weight since august. you know the only way they diagnosed him with is EE was an endoscopy. i know you do not want to do that, but they may be the only way to really find out what is going on. did you gusy ever meet with a GI doctor. i will keep him in my prayers.

Ashley Trammell said...

We did meet with a gi doctor dr. Cavendar. They keep telling me he is not to the point of an endoscopy yet but I'm not sure what point he needs to be at. He is in the 50% though so they aren't as worried about it. I had to take him off his carnation thougfh cause he was throwing it up and I think for awhile before he got sick from it it was helping him to gain weight. I will say so far the new medicine seems to have picked up his appetite and we haven't thrown up since I took him off the carnation. Will see. Everything always seems to help for a couple of weeks and then we go back to same ole same ole.