Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prayers for Brady!

Today we went back to the GI doctor for our checkup. He still isn't really any better from the last time we went, so they put him on a new medicine. They also took blood from him (3 vials) and he never flinched or cried or anything, he just watched the nurse. I was so proud of him. They are testing him for celiac disease and a few other things. Please pray that everything comes back normal. We will know in about a week. Also he goes to the orthopedic doctor tomorrow and if everything is healing correctly he will get to keep his cast off, so pray everything is fine. He is so used to it now though it will be weird to have two normal feet again:) So busy couple of days for him I just pray everything is going to be ok.

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Jeremy and Kourtney Keith said...

We have been in that same boat. We are praying for y'all!! Let me know if you need anything!! :)