Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hospital stay!

On Sunday night about 4 a.m. Jordyn started gasping for air. Her asthma had been acting up but it got out of control and they told me to bring her in immediately. So it was supposed to be Bradys party day so Adam stayed with him and me and mom took her to Childrens. Well they admitted her. Mom stayed with her so I could at least go to his party and then I came back and we had to spend the night. It was no fun and very scary. We got to come home Monday afternoon. She is better but still wheezing a lot. We go back to doctor on Monday so please continue to pray for her.

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Mama Reid said...

I am so sorry to hear she had to go to the hospital. I am glad she is back at home and doing better! I will keep you guys in my prayers.