Monday, October 11, 2010

Adams 30th Bday Surprise Party!

Yes I got him a camaro for his birthday! I can't believe I did it but he has been wanting one for awhile so I thought well that could be fun. The kids LOVE it. They have had a blast. WE had his party Saturday night and we had so many friends there. I don't have many pics cause Stacy was taking pics for me so I gotta get her camera but here are a few until I get it. He had a great time and we thank all of our friends for making it special for him:)


Bre said...

FUN...I have to know how you bought a car without him knowing. There's no way I could do that. Joseph is the only one with an income.

Ashley Trammell said...

Well the guy at the Chevy dealership knows me cause Adam and them do so much business there. So he let me do it and brought it to me (which he wasn't supposed to do) but he knew Adam would come sign the papers:)

JANA said...

Love the car. Looks like fun!