Monday, June 23, 2008

Alabama Adventure

Me and Stacy took the kids to Alabama Adventure on friday. They had lots of fun. After lunch Brady had an issue and couldn't go to the bathroom so we had to pack it up and come home. When we got home he got a suppository and finally got alright. We will go back though!


*Staci* said...

We got season passes, but we haven't been able to go in the past 3 weeks or so, with going to the beach and then Trevor being sick. Maybe we'll run into you up there some time this summer! I think we may go sometime this week (maybe Thursday), since I go back to work for another week on Friday.

Dal and Kim said...

We went last week with some of our nephews and niece (Jill's kids). Yes, my big ol self got into a bathing suit IN PUBLIC...can you believe it!? Love the pictures!! Hope you guys are doing well!


the boy's love it too and i love the kiddie section when it's not overly crowded!

love all the new pics! looks like brady is a great big brother!